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Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh How I've Missed You!

Hello to all of my loving followers! I know I have been M.I.A lately but there is good news... I have a job!!!!!
No, it does not have anything to do with fashion. No, it is not my dream job. But seriously people, how am I going to be Chicago's fashionista if I am not rolling in the $$$$$.
While hard at work I still find myself having some spare time to read up on the latest news stories, browse my favorite blogs, and somehow create shopping carts on various websites with all of the springy goodness I have been coveting. I am still trying to get my finances in order so virtual shopping carts are the best that I can do...for now.
I know a lot of you are hard at work so I wanted to share some of my fellow bloggers websites that get me through the day and make me miss my own blog oh, so much! - Soon to be Mrs. Bailey McCarthey (she is marrying one of my childhood friends this September in ASPEN!) has an eye for interiors and enjoys all things fantasy as much as me! Bailey's bubbly personality makes this blog so successful and addicting - follow her as she discusses the stresses of wedding planning, trying to design her new Chicago home, and her love for interiors. - Chicago natives discuss living life as a poor little rich girl! (So jealous of this title, this should be the definition of me) They provide expert advice on financial stability, sales throughout the city, special events, shopping, travel, etc. This site is Chicago specific. Sorry to all of my out of state followers. - My roommate Lauren introduced me to this blog started by her sorority sister. Shedding it and getting it is all about living happy and healthy! Rachel shares her favorite recipes, ways to enjoy the outdoors, fun work outs, and great ways to balance our busy schedules! - There are some days when I want to spend all of my $$$ on clothes. There are other days when I want to enjoy the things that I love to do - like cooking nice dinners for my friends, entertaining, organizing my life, reading a good book, decorating, dreaming of designing my house - this website provides great inspiration for all of these things.
These should help pass the minutes...
I love this blog. I miss not having a job. I just have to get my act together and PRIORITIZE!
Step 1 for SPRING: Prioritize.