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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

By the way, I need this.

I need to make this by Sunday. Mom?

Oh Beautiful, for Spacious Skies...

This weekend marks my favorite holiday of the year and the birth of this wonderful nation!
Every 4th of July before I have spent celebrating tradition in my home town of Hinsdale - where the houses look like this...

THIS 4th of July I am forgoeing tradition and have invited my clan of important peops up north to my families house in Wisconsin (see previous posts for cool pics). However, this means that I have to turn my house up north into a 4th of July like theme park to further enjoy my obsession with this holiday.
Unfortunetly, job life is keeping me from decorating life and I am short on time.
This is how I imagine it though...
Cute drinks waiting on ice in buckets & coolers (red,white & blue of course),

and centerpieces of pretty flowers,

and random viniettes of pretty mason jars and FLAGS,

and pinwheels because this holiday makes me feel 4 again,

and tablescapes like the following!

I love the rugged country feel of this, so raw and American,

and this would be nice and classy but we aren't really like that all the time.

It would be nice to watch the sunset here,

and prepare our grilled breakfast, lunch, and dinner here,

and take sun breaks here,

and sleep here!

and here!

However, knowing my friends, we will forgoe the plans to decorate and most likely enjoy each other's company while floating on the lake all day, playing horse shoes in the sand, swimming with the dogs, grilling out, relaxing on the porch, roasting marshmallows, and probably enjoying the following....

because what is more American then a keg of Bud?

I made this last year for the 4th, it is Ina Gartens Flag Cake. So delicious! I HIGHLY recommend.

Something about being at the lake gives me the ability to eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

with a side of these, please & thanks.

AND even though we will not be in my amazing city, we will be enjoying fireworks on another lake. But seriously people, how beautiful is Chicago?
Now, what do I wear??????? We can decide tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home: Robyn Karp Interiors

I was introduced to the ridiculously talented, Robyn Karp, by Miss Bailey at Peppermint Bliss.
This lady is serious, and every one of her rooms puts a smile on my face. It is amazing what one can do with some vibrant patterns, textured fabrics, cool lighting, cheerful rugs, and some re-upholstering.
Here are a few of my favorite rooms...

Love these windows and the periwinkle chest as a coffeetable.

Could not be more obsessed with this room. From the poppy velvet cushioned couch, to the periwinkle chairs, to the rug, to the tall windows with heavy curtains.

The pale color scheme, wicker chairs, and wall mirrors make this room soft but I love how this is countered by the heavy wood coffee table. Very urban, I want my apartment to look like this.

Look at that ceiling!
I want that clock and those chairs.

Love that cushioned ottoman paired with the orange throw pillows.

Uhhh give me that mirrored table and shag rug!

Love, love love these chairs paired with that yummy velvet couch.

I think I really love velvet.

I mean seriously - look at that acrylic table, the fabric on the chairs, the head chairs, and that light fixture. I need this room.

All white kitchen, yes please.

I could get a lot of work done here.

And I would love to get ready here.

....and here!

I love headboards. I also love the cutie garden fabric for the curtains.

I don't love purple, but this room looks relaxing.

I need a little daughter child now.
Sooo, what do you think? Do you love her as much as I do?
*all photo courtesy of Robyn Karp Interiors dot com.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What to Wear: Weddings!

Since we are well into wedding season, I'm sure the majority of you are feeling the pressure of "what the heck am I going to wear to this thing?" Well trust me, I feel your anxiety.
With 3 weddings coming up this summer, I am feeling the stresssssss. If I want to continue this fashionista persona I need to find some killer ensembles.
This begins with the dress...
my most difficult decision is do I want pattern and color?


Alice + Olivia


Or should I stick with something more neutral?
Alice + Olivia
Nanette Lepore
Or just stick with black so I can not feel chubby and drink a few more cocktails?

Marc Jacobs

Nanette Lepore

And then, shoes??? Oh my gosh, shoes.

Like these, Elizabeth and James poppy lovers. Soft leather, so feminine. I also think this color goes great with everything. I think I need these either way.

Or some LAMB platforms? So I can feel REAL tall and model-esk.

Or stay safe with these Pelle Moda badboys? I just don't know.
Ok, what's next - handbags? I would prefer a nice shoulder bag that way my hands are free to carry 2 drinks, or 1 drink and some finger food.

This Chanel looks good to me, but come on lets be serious people.

I LOVE this color; so feminine. Adorable cushioning and soft leather. Yum.

Or this DVF cracked gold leather foldover clutch. Gold is my go to, it pairs well with every dress, shoe, jewelry, etc. It's also uber sophisticated and cool.

I can always go with old faithful, Tory Burch.
My favorite and last addition to my cool ensemble will be earrings, and that will be the only jewelry that I wear. I just have to make sure they are big and awesome...
LOVE these Fallon rhinestone drop dagger earrings - very edgy.
I have to say though, I am a stud girl. These Dannijo are easy to handle, you don't have to worry about them getting caught in things. I love the sunburst shape of these and this picture doesn't do them justice because they are HUGE.

These Soo Ihn Kim beauties are a nice mix of stud and drop. I love the thin metal chains, very airy and light.

Any and all of these would be ideal for my wedding wardrobe. Now, I think I need to ask for a raise.